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Our brain and body, by design, can deceive us into thinking we need something we do not want, or avoiding something in our best interest to do.

A wise use of energy to chart our direction is to realize all we can be as individuals, and holding that vision in the moment. This is infinitely more powerful than hashing over details.

Our mind is a complex structure that can be our very best friend or worst enemy, when it comes to happiness.

Success is the ability to ride any disappointment like a wave and learn to enjoy the ocean.


We have to prepare for any journey that prepares us to succeed any destination. When we discover miracle-making power we have to shape the experience of our life.

We feel joy, love, and trust will be our constant companions. This allows us to rule our world and to be one with the world.

This post was originally posted on The Grail Quest, another blog of mine.


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