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put together by what's lying around

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This was it. Nothing else. What could I say?
She probably had my response anyway.

Some preconceived notion she already had.
It wouldn't have mattered, I was already sad.

So what? No kidding. I, at least, had tried. No more, no less.
The part of me rejected had already died.

Rejection is a bitch. There we are... not close.
Do we invite rejection in like a heavenly host?

I decided once to go one with my life.
To wade through the stream that brought me much strife.

Going out on my feet or out on my knees,
this was a thought that brought me to please.

"On my feet", I once said.
And this very notion did not bring me dread.

I long for life, even after I'm gone.
My very being becoming strong.

No one can take me more than away,
my heart, mind, and soul are here to stay.

No fine face-to-face.
No heartfelt good-bye.

Just a note on the table,
so the memories would die.

I say move on, move forward.
That's fine by me.

Here's to life, love, and freedom.
So May It Ever Be!


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