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We don't see things the way they are. We see things the way WE are.

Our senses bombard our brain with about 10 billion bits of information per second. We process about 40 bits of information per second. What our brains accesses is dictated by filters that are combinations of our values and beliefs and our memories.

About 90 percent of the memories we hold are inaccurate. This means that the most of the memories we have were not "seen" correctly. If we could compare our memories to actual films of what really happened in those moments, we would be in state of shock.

We all respond to our own unique map of the world. Many times the maps of others do not make sense to us. 

"Far away is close at hand in images elsewhere."

To go deeper, many of our thoughts are not our own. Many of our beliefs were given to us by family, society, and culture. Until we are about seven years old our minds soak up so much information without using a filter to determine what is right and wrong. We are literally programmed by out environment. 

Defining ourselves as opposed to being defined by others is one of the most difficult challenges we face. To really live we must be true to ourselves. Too often we remain in a comfort zone. When we do this we deny ourselves of the true potential we're made of.

Don't try to conform the world to your beliefs. Dare to be different.


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joe June 01, 2015 01:06PM

This is great, are you interested in neurology?

manwithoutacounty February 12, 2016 04:02AM

yes, i am somewhat interested.